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At Homestead Lake you’ll find plenty of passion, hard work and reward

Homestead Lake Country Park is a family run Lodge park comprised of privately owned lodges situated in the village of Weeley, just a few miles from the east coast of Essex. The park was officially opened in January 2007, by popular DIY celebrity Tommy Walsh and company founder Gerald Swinscoe. Homestead Lake Country Park has pedigree stretching back more than 50-years, in the form of Homestead Caravans & Outdoor Leisure Centre. Homestead Caravans is a large independent touring caravan dealer specialising in the sale of new and used caravans and boasting one of the largest caravan accessory showrooms in the country. The Park and retail businesses coexist over approximately 27-acres, to create a formidable and dynamic enterprise that's quiet unlike any other.

Lodge Exterior

Homestead Lake Country Park is the product of a life long dream belonging to company founder Gerald Swinscoe; to develop a Serene and Peaceful Park oasis that would fit seamlessly into the surrounding countryside while preserving and enhancing the habitat of local wildlife. The seeds that created Homestead Lake Country Park were planted almost 30-years before work on the park would ever begin. During this time an enormous amount of thought and planning has gone into making Homestead Lake one of the most exclusive and beautiful lodge parks in Essex. A great deal of credit is due to family, friends and local businesses who worked so hard to make the park what it is today.

The owners of Homestead Lake Country Park would like to take this opportunity to express a deep sense of gratitude towards the dozens of lodge owners who have demonstrated their appreciation for Homestead Lake by making the park, their number one home from home. For all the passion and hard work that has gone into making the park the special place it is today, this has to be considered the ultimate reward.

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