Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a lodge? arrow-down

    Our lodges (also known as park homes or lodge bungalows) are like a full-size modern bungalow built to residential standard BS3632 and provide a comfortable and spacious single-story accommodation which is very similar to any built by traditional methods.

  • How long do lodges last? arrow-down

    Lodges built over 50 years ago are still going strong today. As with any home, good maintenance plays a part in helping to ensure long life. Lodges built nowadays use greatly improved materials designed for better performance including the benefit of improved timber treatments, safety, acoustic and thermal insulation, central heating, UPVC double glazed widows, durability, enhanced ventilation and minimum maintenance.

  • Do lodges keep their value arrow-down

    Values follow closely to those of the conventional housing market at the time. They will often increase in value in the same way as a well-kept property of similar size in the same part of the country.

  • What are the costs involved? arrow-down

    Costs include the purchase price of the lodge, site fees, utility bills, insurance, maintenance, Site fees cover amenities and services provided by the park, such as maintenance and security.

  • Can I live in the lodge year-round? arrow-down

    Our park is open for 11 months of the year and closes for 28 days in February each year.

  • Can I sublet my lodge? arrow-down

    Subletting is not allowed.

  • Can I make alterations to my lodge? arrow-down

    Exterior alterations often need park management approval. Depending on the changes, you might need to comply with certain regulations and standards.

  • Do you allow pets? arrow-down

    Yes, a maximum of two dogs or two cats are allowed.

  • Is there a minimum age requirement on the park? arrow-down

    There is no strict age requirement, however, our park is more suited to those aged 50+

  • Can children stay on the park? arrow-down

    Children are welcome to visit and stay on the park from time to time.

  • How long is the lease agreement? arrow-down

    All new lodges are sold with a 40-year (renewable) licence to keep the lodge on the plot.

  • What services are provided to the lodges? arrow-down

    All lodges are connected to mains gas, electricity and water and have their own meters. There is also a BT service connection to all lodges.