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Why Buy a Lodge From Us?

Let Homestead be your Reason to Buy a Leisure Lodge

There are lots of reasons why buying a timber Lodge is not only a good idea but one that can greatly enhance an individuals overall health and sense of well-being. When discussing the benefits of living on a holiday park the word frequently used is 'LIFESTYLE'. In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, often in the wrong direction or simply too fast to keep up with, it can be hard to appreciate that sometimes improving ones lifestyle, is often a simple matter of choice.

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Think about your lifestyle

No matter how luxurious a park home or log cabin may be, it's unlikely to have 5-bedrooms or 4-bathrooms and in any case that would be missing the point - lifestyle is not so much about quantity, it's about quality! Spending any meaningful length of time on a holiday park is likely to replace many of the sensory stressors we have come to take for granted such as, noise and pollution, traffic and busy places, urban architecture (concrete and steel) and housing estates, with an altogether more harmonious and connected way of living. For many owners of park homes and holiday lodges there is no doubt that, living on a holiday park surrounded by acres of natural countryside and wildlife, fishing lakes and timber clad architecture is, a desirable and therapeutic experience. Just one of the great reasons to buy a new or used holiday lodge at Homestead Lake Country Park.

More Great Reason to make Homestead Lake Country Park your Second Home

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A Discerning Luxury Holiday Park Development

Homestead Lake Country Park is the perfect holiday park to unwind and find a little me time in a calming and soothing environment. The park may be of particular interest to those who have an affinity for nature and wildlife as the park is home to various species that live in and around the lakes. There are many great reasons to buy your holiday lodge from Homestead Lake Country park.

  • Peace & quiet assured
  • Enjoy the local park wildlife
  • Stunning 2-acre lake
  • Lots of exciting attractions
  • No young children permitted
  • Great location close to sea
  • Welcoming & friendly community
  • Exclusive park in beautiful surroundings
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Security Conscious Park Open for 10 1/2 Months

Homestead Lake Country Park enjoys a 10 1/2 month season, closing down for a six week period from 16th Jan to 28th Feb. The holiday park is very secure with staff on-site all year round and security gated access and CCTV in operation 24/7. Homestead Lake is ideal for lodge owners with another (main?) residence, in the UK or even another part of the world.

  • Park open 10 1/2 months.
  • No Council Tax charges
  • Security conscious park
  • All year round security
  • CCTV & gated access
  • Know your safe & secure
  • Owner access when closed
  • Maintanence access by appointment

BS3632 Approved Stamp

Lodges built to Residential BS3632 Standards

All new holiday lodges at Homestead Lake Country Park are built to a minimum, residential British Standard BS3632, giving you all year round warmth, protection and peace of mind. Holiday lodges built to BS3632 standards have greater energy efficiency and are built more rigorously than a typical holiday park home or leisure lodge. If looked after and adequately maintained, a BS3632 log cabin is designed to last for up to 50-years. Most if not all lodge and park home manufacturers build their leisure lodge ranges to BS3632 building regulations as standard.

  • All lodges built to BS3632
  • Lifespan of up to 50-Years
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved living standards
  • Better lodge security
  • A smarter value investment
  • Qualify for 10-Year Gold Shield Warranty
Round 50-year anniversary stamp in green

Solid Business with over 50-years Service

The homestead family brand was first established over 50-years ago with the creation of Homestead Caravans Centre in 1963, a large independent touring caravan dealer that has grown to become a tour de force within the caravan and outdoor leisure industry. Homestead Lake Country Park (Bricklawn Ltd) is a Homestead sister company that shares the same enthusiasm and passion for products and customer service. Homestead Lake Country Park is a name you can trust and rely upon when looking to buy a holiday lodge in Essex.

  • Long 50-year business history
  • Family run holiday park
  • Excellent customer service reputation
  • Always listening to customers
  • Secure & stable company
  • Trustworthy & reliable
  • Continuous plan of improvement
  • Strong focus on park satisfaction

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Reduce Living Costs & Increase Living Standards

One of the benefits to spending a good deal of time in a park home or leisure lodge is the 'Potential' to save money on the essential costs of living. This of course means more cash in your pocket to spend on the things that make you happy, such as indulging in your favourite pastimes. The really good news is, the cost of maintaining a holiday lodge at Homestead Lake Country Park is very competitive, with annual increases that fall in-line (or below) with the rate of inflation. Selling a conventional property and buying a holiday lodge at Homestead Lake Country Park is, a great way to free up equity and the perfect excuse for a 6-week holiday!

  • Potential to reduce living costs
  • Potential to release equity
  • Create a nest-egg
  • Increased standard of living
  • Competitive ground rates
  • Rent increases in-line with inflation
  • Value for money services
  • Supportive of a spontaneous lifestyle
Gold Shield 10 Year Warranty

Leisure Lodge Guarantees and Warranties

When you purchase your perfect Holiday Lodge from Homestead Lake Country Park you can be sure your investment is in safe hands and backed by a comprehensive list of guarantees and warranties. As Homestead Lake Country Park and associated leisure lodge suppliers are registered with the 'Gold Shield Warranty Scheme', your Park Home will be insured against any damage or defect for a period of 10-years (call 01255-833-933 for details). In addition, branded appliances such as those found inside the kitchen are guaranteed by their respective manufacturers for a minimum of 12-months.
For more details visit the Goldshield website.

  • Gold Shield 10-year Warranty
  • In association with the NCC
  • Certified scheme you can trust
  • Comprehensive structural warranty
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Appliances 12-month (min) guarantee
  • Gold Shield policy is transferable
  • Ltd cover for std fixtures & fittings