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Be as hands-on or off as you like in the design of your dream log cabin

The Fun Starts Long Before You Move In

Buying a holiday home really ought to be a great deal of fun, for a start, it's going to be the backdrop to an awful lot of happy holidays spent with family and friends. At Homestead Lake Country Park there is a strong belief that, the process of buying a log cabin really should be the seed that gives birth to a lifetime of happy and fulfilling experiences. This belief is shared by industry partners and lodge manufacturers whom, have put a great deal of effort into devising a collaborative design and build process, to take customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

The process of buying a park home is anything but a one-shot nut, where one size fits all. To the contrary, most aspects of holiday lodge interior and exterior design can be customised in some way.

Tingdene is an established park home and leisure lodge manufacturer who, with the significant presence of Tingdene's indoor Visitor Centre is, able to offer customers a comprehensive program of customisation under one roof. The Tingdene Visitor Centre has a number of lodges on display, each lodge offers various room settings and design options guaranteed to jump start the imagination.

The Visitor Centre incorporates an interior and exterior design area displaying a wide range of colour and design options for each lodge; it's the perfect environment to begin the design and build process to ensure your lodge is created just the way you want it.

It is possible to decide the particular layout of your lodge and other structural details such as external feature designs, cladding options, PVC window and door configurations. Additionally you will also be spoilt for choice when choosing from a wide range of internal design options including, kitchen design and appliances, lounge and dining seating, bedding and curtains, flooring and other soft furnishings.

Of course you don't have to buy a Tingdene leisure lodge in order to ensure you take delivery of the lodge of your dreams. All major park home and leisure lodge manufacturers including, Pathfinder, Stately-Albion, Homeseeker and Prestige offer comprehensive lodge customisation.