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Homestead Park Expansion Gets Underway

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Live the Dream at Homestead Lake Country Park

Homestead Country Lake Park Expansion Gets Underway

It's been a while in the planning but finally Bricklawn Limited has officially announced the commencement of a new phase in the development of Homestead Lake Country park. The landmark development includes provision for 50 additional plots for holiday lodges, located on the North side of the existing park grounds.

The expansion of Homestead Lake is served by a series of new access roads that carefully meander through the park, so not to detract from the existing development. The new development will feature a good size pond, which is expected to become quite popular with wildlife and will include some of the most desirable lodge plots available to date.

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Homestead lake Country Park is known for its natural beauty and kinship with nature; so you can be sure that the moment you arrive on-site, any cares or worries you may have, will immediately and completely fade away. Homestead Lake is the antithesis of an entertainment and activity holiday park, such as the majority of holiday park sites owned and operated by Park Resorts, Pontins and Hoseasons. Holiday makers who decide to take up ownership at Homestead Lake have a strong appreciation for peace and quite and are looking for a luxury lodge getaway, in an idyllic setting. Homestead Lake Country Park is the perfect escape, and what's more, the park is a mere 90 minutes from central London.

It's also worth stating that, Homestead Lake Country Park does not permit holiday lodges for sale to be rented out to 3rd parties, although family members and guests are of course, always welcome. The no sublet policy helps to cultivate a strong and enduring sense of community amongst lodge owners, which ensures holiday lodge owners are always surrounded by friendly and familiar faces to say hello to.

There's plenty of Reasons to Enjoy Luxury Lodge Ownership

People tend to choose lodge ownership at Homestead Lake Country Park for the aforementioned reasons, but what is less clear is, why people choose to become park home owners in the first place? The fact is, people take to lodge ownership for a myriad of different reasons. However, we can confidently state that in the majority of cases, holiday home ownership is usually a lifestyle decision, whether the objective be to, downsize a property to free up cash, create a holiday paradise to spend with family and grandchildren or, as the perfect escape to help cope with the stresses of modern living.

Homestead Lake Country Park offers a harmonious and natural existence that will leave you feeling totally relaxed and unburdened. The park is set in 25-acres of beautiful countryside and boasts a 2-acre fishing lake, which inspires physical and emotional healing and will leave you feeling re-energized, creative and ultimately happy you came.

If you're thinking of buying a holiday lodge but have a home to sell first, it's worthwhile having a chat with us first to discuss how we might be able to help with the transition from home to holiday home. It's not uncommon for lodge owners to have residences in more than one country and you might want to discuss your personal circumstances ahead of time.

If you're interested in learning more about Homestead Lake Country Park or would like to arrange a visit to the park please call Terry on: 01255-833-933. You may also request a copy of our park brochure via our website contact form to be sent by post. Alternatively you may use the following link to download the Homestead Lake Country Park brochure in pdf format.